"Culture is Life is an Aboriginal-led Not-For-Profit organisation. We believe that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people have the right to thrive and flourish; strong in knowing who they are, where they come from and who they are connected to.'

Culture is Life works to develop young people's knowledge of culture, recognising that 'Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people are proud custodians of the oldest living culture on Earth'. It 'supports and promotes Aboriginal and Torres Islander led solutions to affirm and strengthen culture and to prevent youth suicide.'

Current projects include 'Heal our history', curriculum resources built around 'The Australian Wars', and education resources relating to NAIDOC Week 2024.

The Australian Wars educational resources are comprehensive. They 'analyse the documentary, explore the ongoing impacts of colonisation and highlight historical perspectives. The resources will also provide an insight into the immense value that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander oral histories possess, with a focus on local history, and encourage schools to engage with their local communities for further learning opportunities.'

This year's NAIDOC theme is ‘Keep the Fire Burning! Loud, Blak and Proud’. The material on the website will 'assist all Australian teachers on how to meaningfully introduce the themes of this NAIDOC week to students and their school communities'. It can be found on the NAIDOC and ABC Education websites.

'According to the National NAIDOC Committee, "Keep the Fire Burning!" is a nod to the vitality and endurance of culture, and a nod to connection with Country and community, while "Blak, Loud and Proud" represents an unapologetic celebration of identity'.

Earlier post has link to Webinar with Rachel Perkins and others.

National NAIDOC Week 2024 Award Winners

Jul 7, 2024

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